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SpiderTech took the foundation technologies of Kinesiology Tape Therapy and re-invented it, evolving standardized precuts used by elite therapists and athletes into a simple-to-use solution for pain relief, injury prevention, and enhanced physical performance. SpiderTech Tape is designed and manufactured in North America and is used world-wide by clinicians and professional athletes looking for uncompromised Kinesiology Tape quality in the most complete range of pre-cut and roll-based therapeutic taping.

SpiderTech provides the widest range of Athletic Tape solutions in rolls and pre-cut products, scaled to fit any clinical demand. The consistent, therapeutic effects of precuts and the adaptability of roll tape, all with the unmatched quality of SpiderTech’s latex free, 100% cotton tape. We offer the most comprehensive education in Medical and Performance based taping techniques. Online courses, In Person Seminars and Free Webinars cover the use of kinesiology taping as a tool for performance, prevention and pain relief.