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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pain Relief

    Many of us deal with pain every day, from wear and tear or repetitive strain or chronic conditions.  Here are some things you might not have known about the pain you feel:

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  • Knee Pain Can Negatively Impact Sleep Patterns

    Knee pain, like any sort of pain, can seriously interfere with sleep.

    Whether or not you are focused on your knee pain, if it’s bothering you, you are likely to have at least a few sleepless nights. Continue reading

  • Meet The SpiderTech Team- Educator & Contributor

    Dr. Robert J. Haley is a chiropractic physician and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. Dr. Haley has worked with numerous elite and professional athletes. He is currently in his 16th year as the team chiropractor for Lyndhurst High School Golden Bear athletics. He was named: “New Jersey Sports Chiropractor of the Year” in 2008. In 2002, Dr. Haley was selected and served as a chiropractor in the United States Olympic Continue reading

  • Meet the SpiderTech Team – Educator


    Dr. Marcus Hinkle is an orthopedic physical therapist who has been practicing since 2009.  His specialities include Neurac using Redcord, dry needling, and manual therapy.  As an adjunct to the hands-on treatment, he incorporates kinesiology tape into the patient’s treatment plan, when appropriate.

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  • How does SpiderTech actually work? by Dotsie Bausch

    Super Happy Painless Dotsie



    “How exactly does SpiderTech tape work? If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, yes, I would be quite wealthy indeed. People desire a simple, easy-to-understand answer. We get it. Why should things be so complicated, right? Well, we have your answers, exactly how you want them: simple, straight forward and with no technical mumbo jumbo. There are several ways that SpiderTech delivers drug free pain relief. For example: You know when you have slammed your finger in the door? OUCH! Immediate onset of serious, shocking pain. What do you do? You grab that finger with your other hand and hold it in a tight and firm grip, meanwhile dancing erratically around like an angry bunny and screaming expletives. Well, SpiderTech works exactly this same way (take out the dancing part:-) but what is happening when you apply pressure to your injured finger is a sensory response, altering your sensation of pain! WOW, that is exactly what ibuprofen does, but with SpiderTech, you are not putting drugs in your system, potentially harming your liver and kidneys. BONUS! The tape provides enhanced sensory stimulation which essentially disrupts and diminishes signals of pain. What is revolutionary about this is the effect of the continuous stimulation provided by wearing SpiderTech on the skin may help to break the cycle of chronic pain. DOUBLE BONUS!”


    -Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Silver Medalist, 7X U.S. Champion cyclist




  • COPA Expo, New York


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  • Steph Shafer, Shafer Massage Therapy

    testimonial-shaferA few years ago, I was introduced to this amazing spider tech tape by Olympian Dotsie Bausch. I am a sports massage therapist, my clients rely on me to keep them going, so when I injured my shoulder I put all my trust in this tape, and it worked! I believe in medicine, but having rotator surgery was not an option, it would have prevented me from making an income and helping my clients keep healthy. I became a believer instantly and have been using it ever since. 6 wks ago I tore three ligaments in my knee and relied on the knee spider and two X’s to keep the swelling and inflammation down while providing pain relief and support. Athletes are resilient creatures, Spider Tech Tape helps me keep them that way! Thanks for a great product.

  • Paul Papoutsakis, CAT(C), D.Ac

    As Company Athletic Therapist for The National Ballet of Canada, I would like to thank SpiderTech for giving my athletes this rehabilitation tool to help them dance at their full potential.

    SpiderTech applications help decrease pain and combines well with their other daily treatments including myo-fascial and osteopathic manual therapy techniques, stretching, exercise rehab and cryotherapy. I am impressed with the dancers’ ability to continue performing at high levels with lessened discomfort and strain while wearing the product.

    SpiderTech products have become our cutting edge modality for dancers’ pain/edema reduction and functional restoration. It’s good to finally see a tape product that actually adheres to the body while undergoing the stress and range that is expected in a professional ballet dancer’s movements.

    Company Athletic Therapist & Acupuncturist

  • Norman Eng, DC

    I’m a certified SpiderTech provider and recently had a chance to use the tape for myself. I participated in the Tough Mudder event at Devil’s Head in Merrimac, WI. The event involves 25 grueling obstacles over a course of 10 miles. It was certainly challenging with events like the Funky Monkey, Kiss of Mud, and Chernobyl Jacuzzi.In any case, the tape on my quad not only helped my strain that ocurred from training, it survided 3.5 hours of crawling through mud, swimming, climbing over 12 foot walls, dipping in icy cold water, and running through 10,000 volts. Please continue to make a solid product for myself and my patients.

  • Cari McClemons

    In my personal experience with SpiderTech, the Knee Spider application eliminated my knee pain & dysfunction, allowing me to return to my normal exercises and get back to surfing.

    After partially tearing my ACL, I chose to rehab my knee versus undergoing surgery. In that process I started compensating. Even though I could go through my daily activities without pain, I could not run, or exercise without pain and instability. I continued to surf but created more problems by tearing the posterior capsule of my knee. Even though I was surfing, I could not perform at the level I was used to. My knee would buckle or cause me pain. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the compensations to go away.

    Then I was introduced to SpiderTech. I used the upper knee spider and then the hamstring spider on the back in a structural way to keep me from hyper-extending my knee. Immediately after the application, I was able to squat without pain or joint noises. I was able to surf and workout without any pain or restrictions. I didn’t think that the tape would stay on while surfing and was pleasantly surprised. I had tried other types of kinesiology tape in the water and they never made it through a day in the water.

    That was even more impressive considering it was summer and I wasn’t wearing a wetsuit, so the friction of my knee on the waxed board – which normally peeled any tape right off – had no effect. I wore the tape for 4 weeks and now have no pain or instability in my knee.

    I was really impressed with the SpiderTech line both as a physical therapist and as an athlete using the product.

    MPT and Certified SpiderTech Instructor
    Carlsbad, California