And the winners of the massive ‪#‎12DaysofSpiderTech Giveaway are….

Much Prizes! So Wow!Day 1 – Jessica Veley - 6 pc X Spider Tin in blue
Day 2- Scott McMeekin - 6 pc X Spider Tin in black
Day 3 – Thomas Hiatt - 6 pc X Spider Tin in Pink
Day 4 - Leanne Saunders - 20pc I Strip tin in Pink
Day 5 - Angela Bulbeck - 20pc I Strip tin in Blue
Day 6 - Andy Serrano - 20pc I Strip tin in Black
Day 7 - Catherine Robichaud – 20 pc X Spider
Day 8 – Briana Salas – 20 pc X Spider and Roll
Day 9 – Norma Norris – 20 pc X Spider and Visor
Day 10 – Vera Moody - 4 pc PreCut and Visor
Day 11 – Rick Zients - SpiderTape Roll & Shirt
Day 12 - Gaylyn Shelverton - Mega Bundle


The mega bundle of SpiderTech includes a roll of SpiderTape, a tin of LowerBack Spiders, a tin of Neck Spiders, a tin of Elbow Spiders, a 20pc Tin of versatile X Spiders, a chic SpiderTech visor and a sexy SpiderTech T Shirt. That's a lot of loot!

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Happy New Year!!