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Autumn is one of the best times to start or re-invigorate your fitness routine. Unlike New Year’s Resolutions, lifestyle changes starting in the fall can be easier to keep and maintain for longer. Here are our top 5 reasons that autumn is the perfect time to start or change your fitness routine:

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Fall is lovely but stays active to work off those pumpkin spice lattes!

  1. Back School season can re-establish routine for Students and Parents, which makes scheduling exercise and activity easier. Once you make a plan and slot it into your regular routine, it can be easier to find the time (or harder to find an excuse) for an hour at the gym or plan to walk or bike.
  1. Did we mention Back to School? Fall is the perfect time to sign up for classes. Gyms, community centers and schools all start a lot of classes in the fall, for all ages. Sign up for a Parent-Tot Swimming class with your kids or take an adult taekwondo class with a friend or register for that dance class you’ve been meaning to take. Not only does this help you get out and stay active, classes are a great way to meet new people.
  1. Seasonal Activities, everything from raking leaves to apple picking can add motion to your daily routine. Evenfall TV can add activity; make a habit of walking in place or doing lunges while watching all the new shows, ramp up the intensity for commercials to get your heart pumping.


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Beach trips may require more layers and less swimming, but can still be a great family activity.

  1. Cooler temperatures and kids going back to school can significantly reduce crowds at beaches, hiking trails and bike paths, dress in layers and go for it. Warm-up by increasing the intensity of your activity, you won’t even notice the chill.


  1. Starting now can make it so your fitness goals survive the impending holiday season. Unlike the not so amazing success rate of New Year’s Resolutions, starting life changes in the fall lets you get into a routine and start seeing the benefits of increased activity before being confronted with the indulgences of holiday excess.

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