Many of us deal with pain every day, from wear and tear or repetitive strain or chronic conditions.  Here are some things you might not have known about the pain you feel:

1) Over the Counter Pain Relievers Can Be Very Dangerous. 

Pills Balance the benefits with the side effects


More than 2.5 billion dollars are spent on non-prescription painkillers each year. And while you may not think twice about taking them when you have a headache or back trouble, there are some risks associated with chemical pain relievers you may not be aware of. Liver Damage, Ulcers, Kidney dysfunction and complications with other medications are common problems arising from the use of these regularly available pills.



2) Your Mind Is A Key Factor In How Bad It Hurts.


lowerback_meditation_PNK Think through the pain!


Focusing on your discomfort can make it feel worse, it can even lead to depression and anxiety. While you should never ignore pain, even minor pain, proactive attitudes towards pain can make dealing with it more manageable. Studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy and a positive mindset can reduce pain up to 38 percent.

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3) Pain Management Can Be Aided By Sunshine

In addition to being essential for bone health, Vitamin D helps pain reduction. A study has shown that patients increased intake of vitamin D showed reduced pain after 20 weeks of treatment. The good news? Your body makes it from Sunlight. The bad news?

The sun is less likely to provide your daily needs at higher altitudes, during winter, or if you're older or dark skinned (skin pigment blocks light and the process is less efficient with age). Also light through a window won't work, so you need to get outside while the sun is out and maybe supplement with certain fatty fish, fortified milk/cereals and eggs. (Got to eat the yolks, though!)



4) Don’t Rest Too Much!

walking-image This tape was made for walking...and moving of any sort, really.
Regular exercise and good quality sleep is important in preventing most types of pain, but you knew that already right?  Balancing rest and activity is just as important for pain management, but there’s probably less rest in that balance than you think. Especially in cases involving back pain, bed rest can be one of the worst things you can do. When pain is acute rest can be beneficial, but only for short periods. Movement and activity should be maintained as much as possible, so your body doesn’t become de-conditioned.



5) Holding Hands with a Loved One Can Reduce Pain In Women


1280px-Clasped_hands Even without crushing your loved ones hand in forced sympathy


While pop songs would have us believe love can be painful, it actually has an anaesthetic effect for women. Studies show that women experience a reduced sense of pain when looking at or touching a loved one. Of course, your loved one can’t be with you all the time, that’s when SpiderTech Tapes come in handy.


And just in case you already knew some of those…

6) Scorpion Venom Is An Effective Pain Killer.

New research has shown that components in the scorpion venom have effective pain management properties. Scorpion venom has shown to identify pain receptors in humans and hence, can be used in pain management drugs.