This weekend was the 20th Annual Valley of the Sun stage race in and around Phoenix, Arizona - a prestigious race where over 500 athletes competed.

This race is the early season test for many of cycling's brightest stars in masters and professional ranksas they gauge their fitness after a winter of hard and concentrated preparation and training.

For SpiderTech athlete, Louie Amelburu, the race was not without a battle though - not just from his competitors, but from himself. As Friday night turned into dusk, Louie was experiencing debilitating cramping and pain in his right glut medius muscle. He immediately grabbed a and taped his glut running horizontal with the glut and touching on the top of his IT band. With some foam rolling and easy stretching, Louie woke up without any discomfort Saturday morning ready to fight another day and all the attacks that would come at him in the 60-mile road race.

Louie came out on top form winning the time trial in a blistering 31:08 min and eventually winning the overall 45+ title! WAY TO GO LOUIE!