The SpiderTech tape is amazing. It is super easy to use. Anyone can apply it and get the maximum benefit. It is a very simple process. Most importantly, however, the tape has done wonders for my shoulder, lower back, and posture. I crashed hard in Italy at the Giro d'Italia last July, and right now my shoulder is sitting 3/4 out of socket. With the SpiderTech tape applied, more of my humerus actually sits in the socket. The pain I typically feel on the bike and in my daily activities is basically gone. I do not think about my shoulder when it is taped, while without the spider, my shoulder hurts, I constantly feel like I need to pull my arm back into the shoulder socket, and I wake up at night because of the pain. In addition to eliminating the pain, my ROM is significantly increased with the tape. The lower back tape has also worked wonders for me! Lastly, as a cyclist, I am in a perpetual state of bad posture, and the postural tape is helping to restore me to a healthier position. Thank you SpiderTech for supporting my natural healing process while also allowing me to continue to train.

-- Amber Neben, 2008 World Time Trial Champion, 2012 and 2008 Olympian