Any sort of movement and range of motion which affects the ankles can lead to unexpected injury unless you take the proper precautions, such as applying ankle tape. However, simply applying the tape is not all that is required. Prior to exercising, running, jogging, walking or any other sports activity, make sure you properly warm up. Warming up helps loosen up and stretch your muscles and tendons, and prepares them for being placed under the stresses of repeated movement.

Ankle tape is a water resistant, non-medicated tape that may be applied any time your ankles require added support. It can be used for sports, training, exercising and any other aspect of an active lifestyle where you will be on your feet for long periods of time. It is a drug-free method for preventing or reducing discomfort, while providing support to muscle motion.

For example, if you wait tables for a living, taping your ankles helps provide increased support so you can stand longer and take care of your guests, without being distracted by soreness. There is also tape you may apply to your feet to keep them comfortable. The tape is designed to apply securely to your skin. You are able to wear socks or stockings over the tape and do not have to worry about it peeling off.

This is just one area of the body where tape can be used. There are taping solutions for every major muscle group and location on the body. Whether you want to prevent pain, or need relief, taping helps.