Ankle taping is a technique where you apply some sort of athletic tape, sports tape, or kinesiology tape to the ankles. There are different reasons why the tape is applied. Some people attach the tape to provide support if they have weak ankles, in order to prevent accidently twisting or spraining their ankles. Other people also use the tape for support, especially during sporting events where the feet and ankles move constantly, like cycling, running, and soccer.

Another reason ankle taping is used is to treat injuries to the ankle, including sprains, strains, and recent surgical procedures. Applying kinesiology tape to the ankles helps provide additional support to the injured area, while also helping to speed healing times. Further, many people notice a remarkable reduction in pain, swelling, and soreness experienced from wearing the tape.

Since the tape is applied over a larger region, rather than directly on the ankle, it creates a natural extension and added support. Additionally, the nerve endings in the area where the tape is applied reduce pain receptor signals sent to the brain. Since you are not focusing on your pain, your ankle heals faster, and you are able to enjoy approved activities without much discomfort.

Whether you are looking for support for your ankles to prevent injuries or avoid re-injuries, or already have an existing injury, SpiderTech ankle taping products can help. We offer a wide range of pre-cut designs, as well as individual tape rolls. For more information or to order your tape, shop our online store, or call us directly at 866-270-1753.