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Holly Thomas

  1. Face Taping benefits and different application methods

    Guest Blog by Yana Kezhaya Why do face taping? Did you know, your face has over 40 muscles? Most people only train their body muscles, to get a healthy strong lifted, young body look.  I am here to remind you that you can have a younger lifted look on your face by face taping and training your face muscles! So...
  2. How Spidertech tape can be used for Equine Taping

    By Lee Hall - Licensed Physiotherapist , Diploma in Equine Animal Rehabilitation Guest blog post About Kinesiology Taping and Equine Taping Kinesiology taping has been used on human athletes for many decades. Developed in the 1970s by a Japanese chiropractor Dr.Kenzo, many athletic events have seen increased use of kinesiology tape to improve and support athletes performance . The use of...

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