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  1. New Innovative techniques to use Kinesiology Tape For The Face

    Kinesiology tape is a thin, cotton material with an adhesive on one side that is meant to mimic the human skin both in elasticity and thickness. It is made to support joints and muscles in order to encourage and promote the body’s natural healing processes. For 50 years, kinesiology tape has been used all over the body and commonly used...
  2. Why So Many Athletes Don Kinesiology Tape

    Why So Many Athletes Don Kinesiology Tape
    When the Olympics are on, all eyes are glued to the screen to watch their country’s Olympians dunk, dive, run and throw. We meticulously examine every detail of how these outstanding athletes play their game and how they look doing it. With this, many viewers have noticed the colourful tape that don Olympians of every sport. You may have even...

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