I was first introduced to SpiderTech at the Association of Volleyball Professionals competition in Manhattan Beach, CA back in 2009. I was impressed with the incredible intricacy with which the tape had been precut; shapes and forms I would never have been able to replicate myself no matter how big a sheet of tape I had been given. I originally thought, perhaps, that it was too involved, and too complex, to be of any real use. But after watching how quickly it could be applied, and the noticeable increase in effectiveness it had on the athletes, I was hooked.

I have since used SpiderTech at numerous events with USA Taekwondo, USA Triathlon, and AVP. Both the material and the adhesive remain true to the Nitto Denko quality I have come to trust over the years, and I can honestly say that there is no other tape I would recommend over SpiderTech!