In my personal experience with SpiderTech, the Knee Spider application eliminated my knee pain & dysfunction, allowing me to return to my normal exercises and get back to surfing.

After partially tearing my ACL, I chose to rehab my knee versus undergoing surgery. In that process I started compensating. Even though I could go through my daily activities without pain, I could not run, or exercise without pain and instability. I continued to surf but created more problems by tearing the posterior capsule of my knee. Even though I was surfing, I could not perform at the level I was used to. My knee would buckle or cause me pain. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the compensations to go away.

Then I was introduced to SpiderTech. I used the upper knee spider and then the hamstring spider on the back in a structural way to keep me from hyper-extending my knee. Immediately after the application, I was able to squat without pain or joint noises. I was able to surf and workout without any pain or restrictions. I didn't think that the tape would stay on while surfing and was pleasantly surprised. I had tried other types of kinesiology tape in the water and they never made it through a day in the water.

That was even more impressive considering it was summer and I wasn't wearing a wetsuit, so the friction of my knee on the waxed board - which normally peeled any tape right off - had no effect. I wore the tape for 4 weeks and now have no pain or instability in my knee.

I was really impressed with the SpiderTech line both as a physical therapist and as an athlete using the product.

MPT and Certified SpiderTech Instructor
Carlsbad, California