Over the past few decades cheerleading has grown by leaps and bounds (literally). It was estimated in 2002 that there were 3.5 million cheerleaders in the U.S. As the number of participants continue to grow so does the risk of injury. As cheerleading evolved over the past few decades the routines have become more difficult. It is not uncommon to see high level gymnastic movements done by cheerleaders.  According to a 2012 position policy and report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, cheerleading accounted for approximately 66 % of all catastrophic injuries suffered by high school girls over the past 25 years.

The most common mechanisms for injury are basing or spotting, tumbling and falls. Injuries to the lower extremity are the most common. These are followed by upper extremity, head and neck, and trunk injuries. The most common type of injuries are strains and sprains. The areas that I personally see the most are the lower back, knees and shoulders. This mostly occurs from constant overuse due to poor body mechanics during lifting and spotting, as well as muscular imbalances. To help remedy this situation, Kinesiology taping is done as an adjunct to other treatment therapies.

Spider Tech is a great adjunct to help reduce the stress placed on the cheerleader’s body from the rigors of training. It is not uncommon for a cheerleader to complain of more than one body part hurting. During the competitive season any down time can lead to a poor performance. To help get through the minor strains and sprains pre-cut SpiderTech applications are essential. They are easy to apply and they are great to take to competitions. It is not uncommon for an overuse injury to creep up right before a competition. In this scenario a complicated tape job for a parent or coach not trained in kinesiology taping would be out of the question. However, with the SpiderTech pre-cuts, support and healing to the area can be achieved with limited effort. SpiderTech pre-cuts are available at Walmart and other retailers near you, plus if you go to spidertech.com