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SpiderTech’s pre-cut, individually packaged athletic tape applications make it easy to peel and stick on to specific parts of the body to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments, as well as reduce swelling, increase mobility and enhance recovery.


Video gaming, which requires the repetitive movement of the hands and wrists, can cause inflammation of the tissues surrounding the carpal tunnel. The swollen tissues cause pressure on the nerves, which results in carpal tunnel hand or wrist pain. SpiderTech’s gaming gear applications are specifically designed to help with pain, swelling, fatigue, range of motion, and grip strength to give gamers the competitive edge they need.


Our line of gaming gear applications includes the small fan pre-cut, wrist pre-cut, x-SPIDER, and i-STRIPS. All gamers need to do is apply it where it hurts and start to feel immediate relief. One of the competitive advantages of our tape is that it does not require any designing, measuring, or cutting. Since they are pre-cut, all you need to do is Snap, Stick, and Go!


With SpiderTech’s line of gaming gear applications, gamers can be confident that they will be playing at their best. Make sure to check our website out to see all the gaming gear pre-cuts that we have to offer!