On the market since 1970, kinesiology tape was first developed in Japan, growing in popularity around the globe for its various uses in the chiropractic and physical therapy world. There are constantly studies being done on the additional benefits and uses for kinesiology tape, many of which we have for you right here. Here are several different ways you can utilize kinesiology tape to improve your health.


A quick application of kinesiology tape to your stomach, just above the belly button, to help deal with heartburn, gas and other indigestion symptoms.

Supporting Weaker Zones

Kinesiology tape can be used to provide additional support for muscles and joints whenever necessary. But unlike other forms of medical tape, kinesiology tape allows you to move normally, even enhance movement and endurance.
kinesiology tape knee

Re-Educating Muscles

An application of kinesiology tape can be used to retrain muscles that have either lost functionality or are simply unhealthy. For example, it can be used on the neck and head to correct poor posture.
 shoulder tape

Pre & Postnatal Treatment

Kinesiology tape not only helps to support the belly during pregnancy but it also reduces pressure, decreases breast enlargement and much more, both during and after pregnancy. The water-resistant tape can be worn constantly for three to five days for optimal relief.
 Kinesio Tape Canada

Enhancing Performance

Kinesiology taping can be used to heighten an athlete's performance while simultaneously protecting them from injury. Runners, for example, are known for using kinesiology tape during marathon runs to keep their muscles awake and working.
Ankle Kinesiology Tape


When applied to the bridge of the nose, kinesiology tape can be used in a similar fashion to nasal strips. They’ll gently lift the skin, opening up your nasal passages and allowing better airflow through your nose to ease or eliminate snoring.

Managing Scars

While it’s not advised that you use kinesiology tape on open wounds, there’s evidence to suggest that it can improve the appearance of scars after an injury or post-surgery. However, talk to your doctor before applying kinesiology tape to a healing wound.

When Not to Use Kinesiology Tape

If you’re planning on using kinesiology tape to treat any injuries or discomfort, you need to be aware of when you should and shouldn’t use it. Avoid using kinesiology tape for deep vein thrombosis, during active cancer treatments, if you have diabetes, fragile skin or are allergic to the adhesive material.

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