One common question many people have about sport tapes is whether they really make a difference compared to not using any athletic tape. It depends upon the type of body tape used, because there are several different products on the market. You should be able to distinguish between each product to ensure you obtain the most appropriate tape for your particular situation, activity, or sporting event.

For instance, hard tapes, like those used by boxers on their hands, are one kind of sports tape. While hard tape is ideal to protect the boxer’s hands and keep them firmly in place within the boxing gloves, this type of tape is not well suited for other purposes, because it is not flexible. Weight lifting, swimming, running, and other aerobic exercises require the free movement of the muscles within the body. For active sports, where movement is essential, you want to use kinesiology athletic tape.

How Kinesiology Sport Tapes Help

Kinesiology sport tapes do make a difference, because they create a natural extension of the skin layer and add muscle support. The tape helps lift the skin away from the soft tissue and increases blood flow to the muscles. As a result, muscles do not become fatigued as quickly and have added protection against injury. Further, kinesiology tape helps to keep moving joints stable and helps maintain proper form during your activity. Afterwards, apply new kinesiology tape in a different direction to help reduce muscle soreness, pain, and swelling.

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