Winter sucks.  The shoveling, slipping and trudging takes a toll on your poor, tired muscles and joints.  Your body, like everyone else’s, is going to let you know when you are adding to the everyday stress and strain, it’s going to hurt. The stiff shuffles in the morning, the back spasms from shoveling snow, and the soreness in your shoulders from hunching over to cower from the cold are all indicators that the winter has been here too long. You can combat the pain of winter without turning to over the counter pain medication, smelly creams and ointments or expensive braces. SpiderTech Precut Elastic Sports Tape offers drug free pain relief for the minor aches and pains caused by winter activities.

Drug free pain relief is the key to being able to get on with your everyday life, too much relies on you. You can’t let a sore back stop you from getting the kids to school, the walk shoved or the dog walked. Picking up some SpiderTech applications at your local retailer can give you up to a month of drug free pain relief, to keep you going through the coldest, slipperiest and worst parts of winter. When you apply one of our precut spiders, the tape creates a neurosensory response that minimizes pain and offers support to your muscles and joints, extremely helpful for those days when ice and snow make walking treacherous.

Taking care of your health is important, although easy to forget during the winter, but it is important to get regular exercise, eat well and look for solutions to pain that are drug free. Pain Relief is not something where you want to over rely on pharmaceuticals; it’s hard on your liver and can get expensive.  Avoid overloading your liver with over the counter painkillers, when you can get drug free pain relief from SpiderTech products. Trying it out is as easy as using the precut elastic tape applications, or order it online. Winter is no time to let pain stop you from living your life, get the drug free pain relief and support your body needs with SpiderTech.