Face taping

Guest Blog by Yana Kezhaya

Why do face taping?

Did you know, your face has over 40 muscles? Most people only train their body muscles, to get a healthy strong lifted, young body look.  I am here to remind you that you can have a younger lifted look on your face by face taping and training your face muscles!

So, where do wrinkles come from? As mentioned, the human face has more than 40 face muscles. While aging, the human body loses collagen and elastin, some of the face muscles accumulates tension (like forehead) and some of them became lazy- sagging muscles (like cheekbone muscles). Face muscles have different muscle attachments than body muscles. One end of the face muscle attaches to the bone or interweaves with other muscles and the other face muscle end attaches to the skin. That’s why while we are making face expressions like (talking, laughing, crying) our face is moving.

Next, because with age we lose collagen and elasticity of our tissue, older muscles accumulate tension and pull on not elastic skin creating lines and wrinkles in the place where muscle attaches to the skin. Also, with age our lymphatic system slows down, that’s why we have double chin, puffy eyes, sagging jawline and heavy cheeks drooping down. And… (the cherry on the top of this) - aging human body loses bone, muscle and fat mass.

Using face kinesiology taping on face you can:

  • Reduce facial wrinkles (frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, crow's feet, bunny lines, nasolabial folds, mental crease, lip lines, marionette lines, neck and chest lines)
  • Lift drooping eyelids, cheekbones, jawline.
  • Reduce puffiness of the face, eye area, double chin.
  • Achieve face lifting.

The tape works by lifting the epidermis of the skin, allowing blood and lymph to flow more easily, improving the circulation and reducing inflammation, and effectively making incremental changes to the fascia over time, which leads to fascia memory.  Blood and lymph circulation are ideal conditions for collagen rebuilding, which leads to wrinkle reduction.

Different face taping methods

Face kinesiology taping consists of two different applications: lymphatic drainage and night myofascial applications.

Lymphatic drainage applications:

-improves blood and lymph circulation

-first aid in injuries and bruises

-reduces: puffiness of the face, eye area, double chin and neck lines.

-sharpens the jawline.

Convolutions is a good sign in lymphatic drainage taping. Convolutions looks like ridges on the surface of your skin where kinesiology tape attached. It means that tape is lifting your skin from deep layers of tissue and giving more space for your blood and lymph to flow improving circulation.

Some lymphatic drainage applications you can have during the day from 30 min to 2 hours. And some of them 3-5 days. You can shower with kinesiology tape attached to your skin with Spidertech kinesiology tape! Pat dry your application with the towel after the shower.

Night Taping applications

  • Night taping- is a therapeutic method. In fact, it fixes in place a certain area of ​​the skin without allowing it to shift and prevents the formation of new wrinkles and sleep lines. This method of rejuvenation allows you to achieve face lifting without surgery and injection by stimulating certain facial muscles and fascia memory, which ‘remembers’ their new position. With night taping you can have on 6-9 hours and it is very comfortable to use during your sleep.

Attention! Convolutions is not a good sign in night kinesiology taping. If you see ridges in a place where tape is attached to the skin, it means that you overstretched your tissue or tape. Also, it means that you cut your application not correctly. Always check your application on elasticity before applying kinesiology tape on your skin. Also, take a look in a mirror after you apply tape and make sure you do not have convolutions and ridges. If you do, remove the tape and re-apply again.

Happy Taping!

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