Gamer’s Thumb can affect all levels of gamers, from the novice player getting into gaming for the first time to the long time gamer who recently bumped up their playing time. Gamer’s Thumb affects many people of all ages, and a non-invasive, easy, yet effective treatment is needed that allows gamers to play through this injury.

What is Gamer’s Thumb?

“Gamer’s Thumb” is medically known as de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis and is characterized by having tenderness and swelling over the thumb side of your wrist. It is caused by impingement between the two tendons on the back of your thumb and their tendon sheets. If you think you have Gamer’s Thumb, try Finkelstein’s test to help confirm the diagnosis.

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Gamer’s Thumb is the result of repetitive thumb strain inflaming the tendons and causing pain and limited movement. Sudden increases in gaming volume or long hours of play are the common cause of this painful and performance-limiting condition.

A study in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Research evaluated the use of kinesiology tape to treat pain and swelling associated with Gamer’s Thumb. The study showed that when using kinesiology tape:

  • 80% of people significantly improved their pain
  • 77% reduction in pain even 1 month later
  • 73% of people significantly improve their swelling.

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