Do you dislike having your entire knee taped to protect it against injury when running? Does wearing a brace make it difficult to move while you are recovering from a knee injury or surgery? In these situations, and others, where you want more freedom of movement and still to protect your knee, there is a different way to get the support you require by taping your knee with kinesiology sports tape.

With braces, full knee wraps, and other traditional methods, you often need the assistance of a professional in order to apply these products. Applying kinesiology tape is not difficult, and most people are able to apply it themselves after they review the application instructions. Kinesiology sports tape comes in several different pre-cut styles, to address a wide range of knee problems and issues. Whether you suffer from arthritis, plica, torn or sore muscles, or other knee conditions, taping your knee with kinesiology tape is an effective solution.

Kinesiology athletic tape pre-cut designs are available to target full knee support or partial support in one specific area. In addition, you can find other pre-cut designs to use on other areas of your body, to protect against injury or help relieve soreness and swelling. The tape may be worn for up to five days at a time, because it is made from breathable cotton and is waterproof.

To see how easy it is to apply kinesiology precut tape, review our “How to Apply” videos on our website, or contact us with further questions at 866-270-1753.