As many of you know by now, SpiderTech introduced the first and only strapless and anti-fog face mask in the market. They are especially useful for people who wear eyeglasses since you will experience no more foggy glasses or fumbling with ear loops or straps. There is also no cutting or filter application required. These come pre-cut with a shield pre-installed. As with all SpiderTech tape, the fabric is designed to mimic human skin allowing for a comfortable, flexible fit that conforms to unique features of the face while maintaining a complete full-seal around the nose and mouth for as long as you need it.

While we have gotten many great reviews on our face masks, one question that we keep on getting is “When will you guys be coming out with face masks for kids!?”. Since many kids have started going back to school over the past few months, we thought why not create a blog post that shows how to adjust our masks so that they fit any child’s face.


Our face masks can easily be cut to adjust to your child’s face. All you need to do is measure the mask up to your child’s face to see how much of the mask is needed and just cut the excess material off. That’s it! Our masks are hypoallergenic & latex free so you can feel safe with the product you are using on you and your kid’s faces. They also come in a variety of colours so you can always make sure you are coordinating with your outfits.


Another option that is also available to use is our spa mask. It is small enough to fit on a child's face and no adjustments are needed to be done.


Wearing a mask should be a normal part of our lives right now as it helps drastically decrease the chances that the virus is spread to others. Make sure to check out our website to see the face masks that we offer!