Here are some tips to make sure that you get outside and enjoy Spring without getting hurt.

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We see the high rates of injury in the Spring because most people are so keen on enjoying the nicer weather by being active outside, they end up injured. Overdoing it or forgetting safety pactices are the main causes of preventable spring injuries. Runners, cyclists and walkers go from spending lots of time indoors to engaging in more volume of physical activity- which is a good thing! However, introducing an activity that the body is not used to can leave you sore and increase your risk of becoming injured.

Build up your activity level gradually. If you tend to spend your winter in hibernation mode, jumping back into being active can be rough. Whether you’re excited to get back to gardening or trail running, it is important that you gradually reintroduce physical activity so that the body is given time to adapt- especially if you have been less active this winter. Start any intense physical activity with a brisk walk, light jog or some active stretching.

Tape preventatively. You can also apply SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape to any areas you believe might be more prone to injury or soreness before you engage in any spring activity. SpiderTech will increase blood flow to these areas and leave them less vulnerable to pain and strain. This increase in blood flow can also reduce inflammation around the joints, helping you stay pain-free all season.

Be aware of your surroundings. As spring starts it is easy to get excited to get outside. If you are transitioning from treadmill to asphalt, be aware of the hazards that spring can bring. In some areas rains and runoff can mean muddy slick trails and paths, so make sure that your footwear provides grip to prevent calamitous slips and falls. Working out in the cool spring air can also make it feel like you are more hydrated than you think you are, so remember to drink plenty of water, before during and after your workout/hike/run/landscaping session.

Know your weak points. Shin splints are extremely common among runners and walkers in the spring season. SpiderTech Universal I Strips is perfectly shaped to cover the shin and reduce pain and swelling in the area. Knee and lower back pain are also fairly common for gardeners and hikers. SpiderTech Lower Back and Knee Spiders are ideal for both prevention and reducing muscle pain in these areas. Check out the SpiderTech Bundles to get a deal on everything you need for your springtime activities.

SpiderTech encourages you to stay active this spring and enjoy the weather coming our way. Spring is an excellent time to dust off your running shoes and get outside!

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