Winter can be a time in which it is hard to motivate yourself to get outside and enjoy being active.

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As the weather gets colder, it can seem less appealing to go for your regular run or bike ride through the neighbourhood. However, winters are long here in Canada so it is important that we refrain from being sedentary throughout the day and find ways to embrace Mother Nature. It’s easy to complain about the weather in the winter season but the cold doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With proper preparation and the right mindset, winter is just as good a time as any to stay active.

Many larger cities offer weekly community events that run outdoors throughout the winter. There are several open to the public facilities for skating, sledding and other winter activities in and around Toronto, and many other Canadian cities. There are also a variety of community events that run indoors if you prefer to get your sweat on inside, away from the cold. Toronto specifically is home to numerous community organizations that run these events.

In the GTA we also recommend checking out these options:

tribe_fitnessTribe Fitness is a Toronto based community fitness organization that hosts a variety of events every week. Each week, they host a 5km run on Wednesdays, a mobility/roll-out session on Sundays, a 10km run on Saturday, hill sprints on Mondays and yoga on Sundays. You can find all of their scheduled events on the Tribe Fitness Toronto Facebook page.


screen-shot-2013-06-18-at-4-59-17-pm MEC Toronto also offers a large variety of fitness-related events every week from trail running to winter cycling. You can find all of the listed events for your city at under events.



lululemon Wrunning layoutLululemon Queen Street offers ongoing yoga and fitness events. All community events are listed on their Facebook page. If you need a community to keep you motivated, Lululemon Toronto events are definitely a great place to start.


Don’t forget to apply SpiderTech kinesiology tape before you get out there. SpiderTech can increase blood flow as you enjoy your workout and make you less prone to injury or sore muscles the following day. Watch out for us at all of the above community events- you might just see us there.

Stay warm but don’t stay inside!