SpiderTech is excited to announce the release of our NEW Innovative Education Program: SpiderTech University.


Consisting of Webinars, Online Modules, and In-Person Continuing Education Seminars - SpiderTech University offers the most comprehensive Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Taping education and training available to Medical Professionals. Combined with the World¹s Most Innovative Therapeutic Tape you¹re sure to gain new insight on how to tape like a seasoned pro and increase service offerings at your practice.


NSM 1&2 - New York, NY
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Course Objectives:

1) Understand the history of kinesiology tape.
2) Understand the differences between roll and precut applications available.
3) Review of neurophysiology mechanisms in sensation.
4) Understand the anatomical components involved in using kinesiology tape.
5) Review of the sensation of pain, its effect on function, and the differences between acute and chronic pain.
6) Learn the mechanisms of action in the use of kinesiology tape.
7) Learn the therapeutic effects of using kinesiology tape.
8) Understand application techniques of kinesiology tape, tape handling, and tape cutting skills.
9) Identify the clinical objective and reasoning for the use of kinesiology tape.
10) Learn the 3 application techniques for clinical benefit.

KARENA WU, PT, MS, CSCS, CPI, STCPi, Director SpiderTech Education

Karena Wu is a licensed Physical Therapist and practice owner in New York City and was recently featured on Dr. Oz and Mission Makeover.


NSM Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Taping is the most comprehensive Therapeutic Tape Training available to medical practitioners. The Course offers a hands-on classroom experience structured as 30% Lecture/70% Laboratory. The Lecture section consists of a review of the anatomy and physiology behind the efficacy of kinesiology tape. The Lab portion will demonstrate precut applications, roll applications, and tape handling techniques for use on the entire body.