When 16-year-old competitive cyclist Brady Stewart suffered a knee injury during off-season indoor training, he and his parents started looking for treatment options that would offer healing and pain relief to get him back on his bike.

First, they tried physiotherapy over the winter months. His parents said, “After months of physiotherapy, we were looking to try something new that would give Brady instant benefits.” So they turned to Coach Rick for some help.

Coach Rick Lee at National Cycling Centre Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) had heard of SpiderTech kinesiology tape “Through X-Speed United partnership over the past two years with SpiderTech. Dr Nick ran some virtual training sessions with the team, and I realized it was not just an ‘injury tape’, it helps in recovery and overall wellness.”

With Coach Rick’s recommendation and his parent’s permission, Brady tried SpiderTech tape for his knee injury and was happy with how quickly he felt the results.

Like any parent or coach, Brady’s support team weren’t just looking for an effective treatment, they wanted something that was safe for a teen athlete.

“When I was using SpiderTech tape, that was my only form of treatment and it made a difference right away. While riding with SpiderTech tape, my knee felt stronger, more supported and stable. SpiderTech tape was a benefit to me and I will continue to use it even when injury-free as it gives me support and confidence that I won't re-injure my knee.” - Brady Stewart

When asked about their trust in SpiderTech and kinesiology tape to help Brady safely, his parents said, “Yes! We were familiar with the brand and its benefits. Brady has sensitive skin and he was not bothered at all by SpiderTech tape.”

When Coach Rick was asked if he was confident that the kinesiology tape would help Brady’s knee injury, he said, “[I was] Very confident that it would assist, as a number of the X-Speed riders have given really positive feedback. The feedback is not just because it’s a sponsor product, they actually love it!” and when asked if he had any safety concerns he added, “Not at all based on our experience with a number of athletes, and staff feedback.”

Brady used SpiderTech’s Upper Knee One Piece Pre-Cut kinesiology tape to support his injured knee. About using the tape he said, “The tape was super easy to put on when you follow the video on SpiderTech’s website. When I put it on, it was extremely comfortable. It didn’t pull on the knee the way other tapes did.”

Designed to offer support to the upper part of the knee, providing the kind of strength and stability that Brady described earlier, the pre-cut kinesiology tape is user friendly, and safe. SpiderTech kinesiology tape is made in Canada using high-quality cotton. It is latex-free, gentle on the skin, and offers a clean, drug-free pain relief option for athletes and anyone in need of support in their day-to-day life.

Easy to apply with numbered step-by-step instructions, the Upper Knee One Piece Pre-Cut, and all SpiderTech One Piece Pre-Cuts are designed with the user in mind. There is no guesswork and no pattern creation. Simply remove the tape’s backing strips one by one, and apply the tape to your skin.

When asked if he would recommend SpiderTech kinesiology tape to other youth and teen athletes, Brady said, “Absolutely! Immediately after using SpiderTech Tape, I could see an improvement in my comfort level and pain. I would 100% recommend it to any teen going through an injury.”

Whether you are a teen athlete (or parent of one), or your muscles and joints need support while you are at work, at the gym, or chasing your kids at home, SpiderTech offers a safe, effective, easy to use solution for pain relief, injury treatment, and injury prevention.

Brady’s parents and coach knew it was safe for him, and we know it’s safe for you too. So if you need a little support, get your SpiderTech kinesiology tape today, and keep moving.

Thank you to Brady and his family as well as Coach Rick for speaking with us. And congratulations to Brady who finished Top 10 in his recent race in Montreal, Canada and sent us the photos in this post.