Israel Start-Up Nation Partners with Spidertech for the 2021 Season title image

Israel Start-Up Nation is proud to announce that the team will partner up with Canadian kinesiology tape producer SpiderTech for the 2021 season.

As the inventor of the specific pre-cut kinesiology tape for body parts, SpiderTech enables athletes and everyday users to easily apply the performance-enhancing and injury preventive kinesiology tape thanks to the simplicity of their pre-cut products. With this partnership, the Israel Start-Up Nation riders will now, too, be able to quickly apply the pre-cut tapes even on the most challenging areas whenever it's needed, be it at races or at home.

Israel Start-Up Nation has gone through a significant transition phase ahead of the 2021 season, with the UCI WorldTeam signing four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome together with the likes of grand tour stage winners Michael Woods, Daryl Impey and Alessandro De Marchi. Teaming up with SpiderTech is yet another crucial reinforcement by ISN to ensure optimal performance as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Israel Start-Up Nation Partners with Spidertech for the 2021 Season blog image

Israel Start-Up Nation Partners with Spidertech for the 2021 Season Blog image

ISN General Manager, Kjell Carlström: “We are excited to partner with SpiderTech, another Canadian company that joins us after Reinvent did in 2020. SpiderTech’s pre-cut kinesiology tape is very easy to apply correctly and that’s a big advantage for the riders as they can apply it independently at home as well. We look forward to this new collaboration and expect SpiderTech’s industry-leading products to be very beneficial for the team during the season.”

ISN team co-owner, Sylvan Adams“As Israel Start-Up Nation is truly both Israel’s and Canada’s WorldTour cycling team, boasting the best riders and staff from both countries, I am especially happy that we will have SpiderTech, the world’s best pre-cut kinesiology tape technology, as an important sponsor this year. This personally brings me full circle, as I was a sponsor of the Canadian Team SpiderTech a few years ago, which had a similar mission to ISN in supporting Canadian road cycling. The owner of SpiderTech is also a friend. I want to welcome the whole SpiderTech product group. I have a feeling that you will all enjoy this ride.”

SpiderTech CEO, Montu Khokhar: “As a proudly Canadian company, SpiderTech has a long tradition of supporting Canadian cycling on a worldwide stage and we are excited to team up with Israel Start-Up Nation this year.”

During his rehabilitation in California, USA, over the winter, Chris Froome already tried out the SpiderTech pre-cuts. As one of the most successful riders of his generation, the ISN team leader knows exactly how important it is to be able to rely on the best materials on the market.

Chris Froome: “I love the feeling of support I get from SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape. The pre-cuts are super easy to use and I was able to self-apply even the more challenging ones, like the full knee pre-cut, during my rehab phase in the US. This is something that will benefit us riders during the season as we are now able to use the tape at home as part of our routine."


Over a decade ago, SpiderTech introduced the first commercially available precut kinesiology taping products. Today, SpiderTech is the quality leader of these products that are perfect for professional athletes and anyone with muscular and joint pain. For educational videos and additional information on the use of kinesiology tape and pre-cuts, go to