As a competitive squash doubles player for over 20 years I have won numerous invitational, provincial and national titles and a World title. Over the years I've had my share of injuries but none as devastating as the one at the women's pro event in November 2007 which left me in a cast for 3 months followed by 6 months of rehab.

That day my season was over but with extensive rehab I came back the following year and this time I was in the finals of the opening season women's doubles event and went down on court again with significant tearing of the muscles of the same leg.

I am no stranger to the various therapies and rehab strategies available as I have pretty much tried them all in an attempt to resume competitive squash. One therapy that stands out for helping me resume competitive sport is SpiderTech.

SpiderTech has given me the confidence to compete as well as the support necessary to endure the explosive nature of the game of squash. Without Spider Tech I am not sure I would be on court and be fortunate enough to have had my first cast free Christmas in 3 years! The pre-cut applications make it easy for me to apply which is a major plus with a traveling competitive schedule.