One common cause of neck and back pain is poor posture. The severity and frequency of the pain can vary from one person to the next. In addition, extended periods of poor posture cause damage to the spinal column because it is not properly aligned. Luckily, there are several different methods, such as using kinesiology tape, for improving your posture.

The first thing you should do to help improve your posture is conduct a visual survey of the area where you work, how you sit in your chair, your driving habits, how you talk on your cell phone, how you stand and how you sleep. When the spinal column is not properly aligned, it creates stresses on the muscles in the back and neck. Over time, from repeated poor posture, the muscles start to ache and become sore. The purpose of the survey is to help you identify the causes and take the appropriate actions to eliminate the pain and discomfort.

How Using Kinesiology Tape Helps Poor Posture

Kinesiology tape is designed to provide additional strength and support to back and neck when applied properly. Using the tape is also a great way to help retrain and overcome bad habits, like slouching in a chair, or leaning and placing more weight on one foot while standing. The tape helps keep the spine aligned because you tend to notice a change in how the tape feels. As a result, you return to the proper sitting or standing posture.