Kinesiology Tape for Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for women. From morning sickness to swollen feet, getting bigger and bigger, there is a lot to deal with as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby. While the symptoms vary from woman to woman, many pregnant women experience some form of pain during their pregnancy. The cause for this pain is usually the result of the baby pressing on the muscular system and joints. Common areas of pain include the lower back, knees, and neck. 

In fact, one of the biggest problems pregnant women deal with is back and lower abdominal pain. About 50% of pregnant women experience pain in their lower back. The pain usually starts around the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy and can get worse the further along the pregnancy progresses. It can even continue for a few months after delivery. As the growing baby puts pressure on the spine, and the weight of the baby/other pregnancy complications can have a significant impact on the muscles, it is no wonder that back pain is so common.

For many other women, lower abdominal pain during pregnancy can be a common occurrence. The pain is often described as a dull ache that increases as the day goes on. It is typically felt in the lower left side of the abdomen, above the hip, and down to the thigh.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to manage the pain of pregnancy, such as using kinesiology tape to support the belly and other fatiguing body parts. Taping is a natural, safe method of treating the discomfort and pain that women may experience while pregnant. However, the following information is intended for informational purposes only, and women experiencing severe pain should meet with a licensed healthcare provider to explore treatment options. 

How Kinesiology Tape Works

Kinesiology tape can be an easy-to-apply, do-it-yourself pain-relieving solution. The material is fairly thin, so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk or show under clothing. The tape is applied directly to the body, usually with the skin stretched tight, and adheres to the skin by means of a strong adhesive. 

Applying kinesiology tape helps the body by providing support without restricting movement. The tape is designed to relieve muscle and joint pain by lifting the skin away from the underlying tissue, which allows the muscles to move more freely. Kinesiology tape can improve circulation and support muscles. It also helps to prevent injury, allowing you to continue with daily activities without discomfort. 

For pregnant women, the gentle lift from the tape helps to alleviate common postural aches and pains associated with carrying a baby. For one thing, the tape can be used to support the lower back, which is often weakened by pregnancy. It can also be used to support and stabilize the pelvis as well as the knee. 

Kinesiology tape reduces the physical strain on a woman’s body by helping to evenly distribute the baby’s weight. It can also be used to help with swelling and offer support to areas where there is muscle strain. This is done by applying tape to sore and weight-bearing muscles, particularly the back and abdomen. By taping these overused areas, you can help support the weight of the baby and reduce fatigue. 

Kinesiology Tape Application Techniques for Pregnant Women

  1. Underneath the Baby Bump

Tape can be placed on the lower part of the belly to provide underneath support for the baby bump. This can help lift the lower belly and reduce pain in the pelvic floor.

  1. Sides of the Abdomen

Taping two vertical strip, one on the left and right side of the belly, helps with abdomen pain. As the tape is applied, it lifts the abdominal muscles off the lower spine, which provides relief from discomfort.

  1. Along the Stomach

For women experiencing both abdomen and back pain, using an “X” with two strips along the stomach for extra support.

  1. Lower Belly and Back

For those experiencing lower belly pain and lower back pain, one strip can be applied horizontally to support underneath the bump and another horizontally along the lower back.

  1. Anchor Support

One vertical strip along the midline of the stomach, combined with a strip applied to support underneath the bump, can help women who experience discomfort in the front and lower abdominal area. 

  1. The One Piece Full solution

Now there’s an easy-to-apply one-piece solution that provides full support of the pregnant belly without having to be an expert in the techniques mentioned above.  SpiderTech’s new Pregnancy Spider offers one piece of pre-cut tape designed for the self-application of pregnant bellies.  Pregnant women can simply apply this one-piece with ease and immediately start alleviating pressure off their abdomen and back.  

Why One piece? The one-piece solution makes it easy to self-apply in the mid to late third trimester when it’s needed the most.  With One Piece taping eliminates the need of having to cut and measure the tape to fit your body and no complex taping patterns to remember.  SpiderTech’s online store offers a variety of products, from kinesiology tape rolls to one-piece pre-cuts, suitable for all pregnant women.

Another way: Diaphragm Support

Pregnancy diaphragm pain is a common and uncomfortable problem faced by many pregnant women. As a baby grows, the uterus puts pressure on your abdomen and diaphragm, potentially causing pain while sneezing or coughing or by simply breathing. The diaphragm may also feel tender to the touch. Pregnancy Spider can be applied where the base anchor sits horizontally above the belly with the four arms gently applied down on the belly, with the aim of applying pressure on the top belly to ease pain in the diaphragm along with the pelvic floor. 

SpiderTech kinesiology tape is a high-quality tape that is designed and produced in Canada.  It is a drug-free, hypoallergenic and holistic solution to be used on the abdomen, back, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, and other body parts. When applied correctly, kinesiology tape can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, support weak muscles, reduce pain, and promote healing of injured muscles and tendons. 

People who are pregnant, undergo surgery, have a herniated disk, or are suffering from back pain can all benefit from wearing kinesiology tape, as it provides a risk-free alternative to other pain management treatment options. Given that many women refuse to experiment with pain management treatment options during pregnancy, particularly those involving pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, kinesiology tape provides a safe, drug-free alternative to help ease the pain during a woman’s pregnancy.