Running involves the constant movement and bending of the knees. As your foot hits the ground, if it is not placed correctly, it could cause your muscles to react by tensing up in response from the improper placement. In addition, if you misstep, you may trip and fall down, causing injury to your legs, knees, and other areas of your body. While you are responsible for paying attention to where you are running, SpiderTech has knee support for runners’ solutions with their pre-cut taping products.

Tape is not the only type of knee support available. There are also braces and pads that you might use. However, while these products are well suited to provide protection after receiving an injury, they tend to get in your way and hamper your range of motion as you run. Athletic tape, more specifically elastic sports tape on the other hand, adheres directly to your skin and is elastic, so it bends and moves without any restrictions. Because it simulates an extension of your skin, it creates additional support and strength to your knees.

In addition to knee support for runners, there are other pre-cut SpiderTech tape products to choose from for other areas of your body. You could strengthen your lower back and shoulders. You might also want to tape your hamstrings, ankles, and groin area. In fact, you can use SpiderTech tape even for the all too common shin splints. Just remember to apply the tape to clean skin for best adhesion. The tape is waterproof, so you do not have to worry your sweat causing it to come loose.

Manage Flair Ups with Kinesiology Tape for Your Knees

Suffering from a flair up in the knees is uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. You may go days, or even weeks in between flair ups, and then one occurs. The aches could be so bad that you are unable to walk, stand, or even sit without experiencing discomfort. It can be so excruciating and affect your normal daily routines, work, or other activities. But, there are several things you are able to do to better manage flair ups and might even make them less severe.

  • Kinesiology Tape Your Knees – Kinesiology tape is a special type of sports tape which helps provide added support to the knees, as well as reduce minor pain from flair ups. SpiderTech products are precut, so they are simple and easy to apply either on your own or with the assistance of a friend or relative. It can be worn for up to five days at a time. It is waterproof, so you are able to wear it in the shower.
  • Use Hot and Cold Therapies – Hot therapies are well suited any time the joints are stiff and sore and need to be loosened up. Cold therapies are used for extreme flair ups, including those resulting in swelling and inflammation. Remember to protect your skin when using these therapies by placing a towel in between the hot or cold pack and your knee.
  • Perform Regular Movements – Muscles and connective tissues that are tight and tense cause more severe pain during flair ups. Bend your knees by swinging them in place while sitting for prolonged periods of time. This movement helps to keep the muscles loosened up, joints pliable and increases blood flow to the area.

SpiderTech Kinesiology tape for your knees helps you manage your discomfort more effectively. Not only is this tape available for your knees, but also other areas of your body, including elbows, wrists, ankles, shoulders, and neck.