Sustaining injuries while playing sports is not enjoyable since these could take you out of the game for the rest of the season. You might tear your groin muscle, twist and sprain your ankle, strain the muscles in your back, or have multiple injuries. One way to reduce the likelihood of receiving injuries as you play sports is to use sports tape. Athletic tape provides additional support and protection to multiple areas of your body, without affecting your range of motion. Just keep in mind, wearing the tape does not make you invincible, but can mean the difference between a serious injury which keeps you benched and one where you only miss a few games.

After being injured, sports tape can help reduce healing times and provide support to the damaged muscles, tendons, and nerves. When applied correctly, athletic tape creates a natural extension of your skin and the support it offers. Because of the added protection on the affected area, pain is reduced, because the pain receptors and nerve endings are naturally interrupted. As a result, you feel less pain, and you do not focus on it, so the body is able to heal the area faster.

Is There a Difference Between Sports Tape Products?

There is a noticeable difference between the various sports tape products on the market. Standard tape is meant to be used while participating in the sport, during rehabilitative exercises, and other short periods of time. It is not designed to be left on the body for long periods of time, nor is it waterproof. SpiderTech tape, on the other hand, is made from latex-free pure cotton and waterproof materials. It is meant to be worn for up to five days at a time on areas of the body where it hurts.