I have used 3 tapes already and I really started to feel an improvement on my sore shoulder. In fact, I started to apply on the black tape; Once I got it on my shoulder/upper arm I could feel how the tape was "grabbing" all the area of my body it was applied to. The sensation was like having multiple pinching all over (good sensation though). That tape lasted 5 days, During that period of time I played tennis twice and, of course, showered myself every single day! The adhesive worked perfectly fine. The tape allowed me playing freely. As I said, I played twice each time for 1.5hrs. Everybody on the nearby courts were asking me about the tape. Once I ended w/the black tape, I could remove it easily w/out any discomfort or pain.

Yesterday afternoon I taped on w/the blue one. After having played this morning over 1 hour in very humid conditions and having showered, the tape is still intact. Furthermore, I'm starting to feel much better...The proof to me is that when I wake up I feel much less pain compared to a few days ago and, also, during the daytime I'm now less conscious of my shoulder!

So far so good! I'm pleased of what is happening to me using the tape up to this point. You can count on me to be an unconditional recommender of your sports tape.