I was introduced to SpiderTech specifically the Hip Spider and the Lower Back Spider. Immediately after application, I noticed a significant difference on my core stabilization, alignment in my hips, firing of the glutes, and my posture- talk about performance enhancing. I am completing my workouts faster, stronger, and feeling no discomfort. Not only that, it's been on 4 days and the tape is still working and sticking!

SpiderTech has become an essential part of my training and racing regime. As demanding as triathlon is on the body- the day in and day out of training and racing- it comes down to the details if you want to be successful. SpiderTech covers many of those details in one, giant swoop. I would absolutely recommend this product to therapists, professional athletes, recreational athletes, businessman, moms- this product is for anyone who is looking for pain reduction, injury prevention, and especially ... performance enhancement.

Professional Triathlete