It's exciting to see that Derrick Rose is using kinesiology therapeutic tape to help his sore neck. The NBA's decision to let @drose and the players in the league wear tape for the athletic and therapeutic benefit is a great move. Kinesiology Therapeutic tape is drug-free, is targeted, and doesn't get in the way of natural movements like braces or even compression wear.

Elite athletes to weekend warriors can benefit from the fast, targeted relief the tape can provide – while getting back to what they love to do! Unfortunately, not all tape is created equal. Most tape is difficult to apply and requires advanced therapeutic applications from a trained professional. Plus, the technology behind the tape varies by manufacturer. At SpiderTech we have 17 different pre-cut kinesiology therapeutic tape applications that can be applied by yourself in seconds - the patented application method makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3. Additionally, we use a patented adhesive that sticks for up to 5 days even in water... you'll be hard-pressed to find that technology anywhere else in the world.

If you love to play basketball and have sore knees, ankles, lower back, neck or even shoulders we have a pre-cut for you! Or you can use the Universal X Spider for almost anywhere – just stick it where it hurts and get back to what you love! You can find SpiderTech at GNC and other fine retailers or online.