Because you see your favorite professional athletes wearing athletes tape, you might think they are receiving more injuries. However, the colored tape does not always signify there has been an injury. Rather, kinesiology tape is designed to help lower the risks of sustaining a serious muscle injury, such as a sprain, strain, or tear. By applying the tape to the right areas of the body, it creates a natural extension of the skin because it mimics the weight, elasticity, and thickness of the skin.

In addition, athletes tape can be used on areas of the body that were previously injured and have healed. The tape creates additional strength to the region while lowering the chances of causing re-injury to the same area of the body. Wearing the tape also simulates therapeutic treatments, like gentle muscle massage, which keeps the muscle pliable and alleviates soreness and discomfort common after certain injuries.

The tape is also used to supplement physical therapy and other rehabilitative methods for treating sports related injuries. However, it is important to remember the tape is a supplement, not a replacement for treatment. The tape helps lift the layers between the skin and increase blood flow and muscle response to the area being treated. Further, it confuses the nerve endings because the tape is spread over a wider area than the central location of pain and discomfort. As a result, the amount of pain interpreted by the brain is much less, compared to not wearing any tape at all.

Professionals are not the only ones who can benefit from athletes tape. If you play sports, run, or jog; exercise or suffer from arthritis; or are recovering from surgery, you should try SpiderTech kinesiology tape today.