Whenever you participate in rigorous sports and other activities where your ankles move constantly or frequently, it is highly recommended you use ankle tape to help protect this area of your body. Properly applied tape helps protect this area of the body because it reduces the stresses placed on the joint during physical sports and other activities. Taping is used for a variety of reasons, and provides several benefits when it is applied correctly, including:

  • Speeds Healing of Existing Injuries
  • Lowers Risks of Further Aggravating or Causing Additional Injury to the Affected Area
  • Allows You to Return to Your Activity or Sport Sooner
  • Lowers Risks of Sustaining New Injuries
  • Helps Prevent Re-Injuring Old Injuries

Just keep in mind the results you experience are directly related to the type of taping product you use. For instance, if you use regular sports athletic tape, you could experience an allergic reaction if it is made from latex. Other people have reported experiencing other issues when using regular sports tape, such as it not being waterproof, not being available in pre-cut designs, and having problems cutting the tape and applying it in the proper areas around the ankle.

All of these issues are easy to avoid by using SpiderTech ankle tape. SpiderTech offers exclusive pre-cut designs to provide targeted relief and injury prevention. This type of tape is waterproof, latex- and drug-free, made from 100 percent cotton, and can work for up to five days before it has to be changed. In addition, you will find a wide range of fashionable colors to choose from so you can match your team colors or select your favorite color.