Being active and participating in sports sometimes results in unexpected injuries, like a torn hamstring, back injury, or knee injury. After you are injured, you may have to sit on the sidelines until your body fully heals and recovers. In extreme cases, some injuries never fully heal, and there is always an underlying risk of re-injury if you are not careful. One thing you can do is to use sports tape for injuries to help speed your recovery time. This same athletic tape is also used to lower risks of re-injury in the future.

What Type of Sports Tape for Injuries Should I Use?

There are different sports tapes for injuries on the market. It is worth your time to learn about each one, so you can choose the best athletic tape for your particular situation. Regular athletic sports tape is a hard tape designed for short term usage for a few hours. It might be made from latex, it does not provide any flexibility and is not waterproof, and it does not allow the skin to breathe. Acupuncture tape is a latex-free option and offers targeted relief from injury. But, again, it is only for short-term use and normally requires professional application.

Another latex- and drug-free option is kinesiology tape. This tape is made from 100 percent breathable pure cotton, and is elastic and flexible. It does not require expert application, and it may be worn for up to 5 days at time, because it waterproof. Between all of your sports tape options, SpiderTech kinesiology sports tape is one of the best products on the market today since it is designed to not only treat injuries, but also to help reduce risks of re-injury.

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