kinesiology tape for Tennis Elbow image

If you have watched any sports recently, you have probably seen brightly-coloured tape patterned across your favourite athletes.

That is kinesiology tape: a therapeutic tape commonly used to provide muscle support, alignment and strength. It also helps with swelling reduction, healing and injury prevention.

However, it is not reserved for high-performance athletes! If you are experiencing swelling or bruising, then kinesiology tape might be the solution you've been looking for.

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Unlike traditional taping, which is highly restrictive, kinesiology tape has excellent elasticity and moves with you. Made from stretchy and breathable cotton fabric, it provides stable support while remaining comfortable for long periods. With its medical-grade waterproof adhesive, it can stay on the skin for three to five days, even when you're working out or in the shower.

How Does Kinesiology Tape Reduce Swelling And Bruising?

Swelling is the build-up of fluids in an area. It is usually a result of a medical condition, injury, pregnancy or long periods of inactivity, for example, during air travel. Swelling can be painful as the accumulated fluids pressure muscles, tissues, and local pain receptors.

When kinesiology tape is applied to the swollen or bruised area, it lifts the skin to create space between the skin's top layer and the underlying tissues. This gives blood and lymph vessels, our body's natural fluid balance network, space to dilate and drain the collected fluids and blood away. Fresh blood flows in to provide oxygen to the injured tissues and help bruises heal faster.

The extra space created by kinesiology tape also helps to alleviate pressure on pain receptors at the injured site, and as a result, mitigates pain and tension in patients.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape provides extra support to the applied area while allowing a full range of motion. As you continue to recover from your injury, this additional support will help you move more confidently and prevent re-injury.

Kinesiology tape is also frequently used to restore proper function in muscles that may have gotten used to an incorrect movement pattern. Studies have shown that kinesiology tape's presence alone raises patients' awareness of the previously injured muscle. As a result, they were able to self-correct and remobilize their muscles effectively.

What Kind Of Kinesiology Tape Should I Use?

Fan strips, a specialized type of kinesiology tape, are best for reducing swelling and bruising. These strips have a short end that separates into thin strips which, when applied, fans over the swollen or bruised area. Each strip lifts the skin to relieve pain and assist excess fluid removal.

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