There are several different underlying causes of shoulder pain. You could have a pinched nerve or sprained, strained, or torn a muscle. Your pain might also be related to a recent accident, sports injury, or surgical procedure. Luckily, something you can do to reduce your pain and discomfort without the use of prescription drugs is apply shoulder tape to the affected area of your body.

Treating Chronic and Short Term Shoulder Pain with Shoulder Tape

Shoulder pain from both chronic and short term medical conditions can be treated using shoulder tape. The tape covers the shoulder and surrounding area to provide added support and strength. Because the tape naturally extends and functions like your own skin, your body quickly adjusts to it and does not feel encumbered or uncomfortable, unlike other products. The tape alters your perception of the sensation of pain and helps to diminish it and make it seem less severe.

Chronic suffers notice a decrease to their soreness, pain, and discomfort compared to not wearing any tape in the affected shoulder region of the body. As a result, they also notice an increase in their range of motion and strength. Using the tape allows you to enjoy your favorite activities or sports with less pain.

Once the tape has been properly applied, you may leave it in place for up to five days. You can sleep, exercise, go to work, or do any other activity you want while wearing the tape. Visit our website today to order SpiderTech tape and start living with less pain and discomfort.