As we get older, our knees start to wear out for various reasons. It does not matter whether you actively participate in sports and strength training, spend a lot of time on your feet, or are more sedentary. Underlying causes include the repeated motion of extending and flexing movements of the leg, being overweight, or a prior injury when you were younger. One thing that can help is taping the knee to slow down cartilage degradation.

The knee contains connective tissue and cartilage which holds together the knee cap and bones. Over time, the cartilage deteriorates because of weight, impact, and stress loads placed on this joint. Normally, shortly after puberty, the cartilage starts to break down. Eventually, without any preventive measures, the bones start rubbing together. This can create pain, discomfort, and soreness. It is often an underlying indicator for osteoarthritis in this area of the body.

While it is impossible to stop cartilage deterioration, the process may be slowed using various methods, such as taping your knee with kinesiology tape. The tape creates additional strength and support to the knee joint. It also ensures the normal range of motion is not over-extended.

For people who already suffer from some level of knee pain, SpiderTech tape is uniquely designed to help reduce your discomfort because of how it is applied to the body. You can wear the tape for up to five days, for continuous pain relief and knee support. It is waterproof, and is meant to be worn in the shower and while sleeping.