We are committed to getting out and growing with our community. So we are attending local events, partnering with local businesses and playing an active role in our communities.

Here's where to find us in September...


 Shoulder Kinesiology Tape


Yoga Unplugged (Saturday, September 3rd): Weekly yoga classes in combination with Lululemon Toronto every Saturday at the Thompson Hotel. Summer yoga with music, community and fun in the sun!

 Tribe Sprints (September 5th, 12th, 19th): A unique community fitness event involving a faster pace in shorter times. SpiderTech is proud to support local community fitness events with tape samples and product demos.

 Tribe 5km (September 7th,14th, 21st): A community fitness event involving a 5km fun run for all paces. SpiderTech is proud to support local community fitness events with tape samples and product demos.

Yoga Remix (September 6th, 13th, 20th): A community yoga event involving a one-hour free yoga session for participants of all levels. Sessions took place in downtown Toronto.

 GWN Dragon Boat (September 10th & 11th): GWN is North America’s premier Dragon Boat Brand. Taking place at Marilyn Bell Park, SpiderTech was proud to sponsor this event and supply products to all of the 2,000 athletes who participated.

 MEC Runner’s EXPO (September 11th): Mountain Equipment Co-op in Toronto kindly organizes regular events and races. SpiderTech is grateful to have been a part of the runner’s EXPO before and after the race this month. SpiderTech supplied all of the runners with products and provided numerous product demos.

 Fit and Fab Retreat (September 16th, 17th, 18th): The Fit and Fab Retreat is a local community fitness event that brought fitness enthusiasts across the city together for a three-day event involving fitness classes and product demos. SpiderTech was happy to work with this local business in supplying tape to all participants involved.

Alpha Obstacle Training (September 18th): Over 30 obstacles and 7 km right in the heart of Toronto! Get in on the competitive OCRWC qualifying heat, open heat, or fun run heat! SpiderTech was happy to have helped the athletes and spectators at this race.

 Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon (September 24th and 25th): SpiderTech is a proud sponsor of the Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon this year. We are present on-site and have also supplied all athletes with tape.

If you have an event that you would like SpiderTech to attend or are interested in partnering with SpiderTech send us an email to events@spidertech.com