Regular athletic tape does not provide the same features as SpiderTech tape products. With regular tape, you have to cut each section. There are no exclusive pre-cut designs to choose from that help save you time when applying the tape to your body. If the tape gets wet from water or body sweat, it starts to peel off. Further, depending upon the materials it is made from, it could contain latex or other such products which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Frequently, you have to get help when applying regular athletic tape to ensure it is correctly secured in the right locations on your body. The tape often has to be reapplied throughout the course of the sporting event if it starts to come off. You can easily avoid these issues, and others, by switching to SpiderTech taping products.

Our products are designed to be simple and easy to apply even on your own. Due to the advanced technology in our taping products, it adheres firmly to your skin and creates a natural extension without any restrictions in movement or mobility. It is waterproof and stays on even under the most strenuous activities. You can wear the tape for up to five days, if needed. Just remember, once it is removed, it cannot be reused.

When you take into account the amount of time you save by not having to cut each piece, as well as the elimination of waste, ease of use and longer wear-ability, and that fewer applications are required, the results are that our pre-cut products are comparable in price to other applications.

Feel free to explore our website or contact us directly to learn more about our athletic taping products.

Reduce Risks for Muscle-Related Injuries by Using Sports Tape

It is possible to reduce the risks associated with sports injuries related to torn, strained and sprained muscles by using sports tape. This type of tape should be applied prior to the sporting event, like football, basketball or baseball. Uniforms can easily be worn over areas where tape is applied, and they will still feel comfortable. Movements are not restricted in any way, so you do not have to worry about your range of motion.

For areas that are not covered by clothing, the sports tape adheres firmly to your skin and remains in place as you move. It does not hamper your performance on the field or court. Because of the added support the tape provides your muscles, it increases your strength.

For Best Adhesion Make Sure Your Skin is Clean

Before applying the tape to your body, make sure the area is clean, dry, free from sweat, and is not oily or greasy. The tape is already pre-cut in a variety of different shapes and colors, including black, blue, beige and pink. There is no difference in the overall performance of the tape based on the color. Each color offers the same benefits.

Each pre-cut design is intended for different areas of the body. You should make sure you have the right tape for the areas where you want it applied, such as hips, back, elbows, wrists, neck, shoulder, hamstrings and ankles. Each style is the same size, as we have found this is appropriate for approximate 80 percent of the population. If you happen to be outside of this range, we recommend you try our roll format tape instead.