SpiderTech products are a type of kinesiology tape which is used by professional athletes, weekend warriors, extreme sports enthusiasts, and anyone else who enjoys being active. The difference between our products and others on the market is our uniquely developed pre-cut designs. These designs make applying the sports tape easy and efficient, because you do not have to remember the exact length to cut the tape for optimal performance.

SpiderTech tape is made from pure cotton, so it is latex free. The sticky part of the tape is made from a poly-acrylic adhesive, which is also latex free. The adhesive was designed to hold firmly in place even if it gets wet from sweat or water. Our sports tape is waterproof, so it will not come loose and start to fall off, even under the most extreme activities. In addition, the adhesive does not leave any sticky residue after the tape is removed.

You can safely wear SpiderTech kinesiology tape for up to five days at a time. This is beneficial any time you are experiencing pain from a pulled, sprained, or strained muscle. Whenever the tape is used in this manner, it provides a natural and drug-free treatment option for addressing pain and soreness without worrying about strong prescription medications.

For more information about our products, feel free to explore our website, review our YouTube videos, or call us directly at 866-270-1753. You can also take advantage of our free online training courses if you are a health care professional.