SpiderTech's team of 10 is performing above and beyond expectations. SpiderTech has 8 out of our 10 (men and women) in the top 15! For the men, with over 50 men and 50 women entering the first day of competition, the Leaderboard now shows with only one day of competition remaining and 2 events:

Garret Fisher is in 3rd place in a close battle to move up to 2nd
Marcus Hendren - 5th
Scott Panchik - 7th (pictured above) "I am really loving this tape. Thank you SpiderTech."
Ben Stoneberg - 15th (pictured above) "These lymphatic Spiders are amazing in how quickly I can recover between competition days."

Anna Tunnicliffe - 5th
Ruth Anderson Horrell - 12th
Michelle Kinney - 13th
Stacie Tovar - 15th

Competition is getting very intense! One more day before we crown the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Champions!