"I injured my knee skiing and after 10 months of no improvement and more trauma to my knee I had extensive orthopaedic surgery . I went back to competitive cyclocross racing about 9 months after my surgery and after many months of intensive rehabilitation and training.

As soon as my competitive season started I thought it was over as my knee was not functioning well and was swollen from the demands of cyclocross racing . In consult with Dotsie Bausch and my physiotherapist we decided to try SpiderTech.

Since using SpiderTech both in and out of competition I have no swelling in my knee, more strength and stability and a measurable increase in mobility . My skin is sensitive to most kinesiology tape, but SpiderTech is gentle on my skin and I wear it for multiple days at a time without any skin irritation.

SpiderTech is user friendly and I am able to apply SpiderTech myself thanks to the pre cut spiders and SpiderTech's concrete and clear directions.

Before using SpiderTech I believed my season was over, but now I am back in competition pain free which not only has resulted in an increase in my athletic performance but has also put me back on the path toward achieving my athletic goals."

Stacey Spencer
Canadian National Crit and Cyclo-Cross Champion
Spidertech Enthusiast and Fan