Its spring and it’s time to get active. Now that it’s starting to feel like spring, all the excuses we used to keep us warm, toasty and sedentary during the winter no longer apply. Whether you were one of the smart folks who maintained a healthy lifestyle over the winter or perhaps you opted for lazy hibernation, Spring is a chance to get outside and live healthy. Even better, you can drag the kids or your friends into it and have fun too!

So here’s a quick list of easy activities to get you and yours out and moving this spring.


Hikes, Bikes, and Walks- Find a trail or pathway around you and explore. Take the pooch and the kids, if you have them, and enjoy some other millions of miles of hiking trails, walking paths and cycling routes in North America. Outdoor activities like hiking increase your vitamin D and boost your immune system according to an article on Spark People. Plus, you know, PRETTY! Spring is a great time to get out there because you can actively see the buds on the trees and the early blooms popping up.



Gardening - Depending on your location, Gardening can be a great way to step up your activity level and yield some good eats as a side benefit. Even if it’s starting a small herb garden in your window or balcony or maybe joining a community garden group (like this one in Toronto), doing about 2.5 hours of gardening a week can reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression along with a myriad of other issues. (Plus according to Michigan State University, Gardeners often tend to exceed the 2.5 hours a week because they enjoy it so much.) The benefits of growing your own veggies and fruits include reduced stress, increased property values and you save money at the grocery store.

Play in a Park – This, much like colouring books, is no longer just for kids. As over 80% of the American people live in cities, public parks are important it keeping healthy and active, as well as beautifying the neighbourhood. Fly a kite, play hide & seek, have a game of tag or throw the ball around, there is no age limit and you can’t argue with the price. Organize a capture the flag game for the neighbourhood or use a website like to make it an activity where you make new friends. According to experts play behaviour in Adults can improve brain function, boost creativity and improve relationships.



Try Something New – Visit the local Farmer’s Market, do a walking tour of your own city or take part in a fun run. Joining a community sports league or volunteering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, will introduce you to new people and give you a reason to be more active on a regular basis.

Spring is full of opportunities and things to do, whether you are already active and looking to something to change up your routine or if you are trying to overhaul your life style for the better. It’s important you keep your health and safety in mind, but never stop challenging yourself. It may be qualifying for the Olympics, jogging with the dog, or making sure the garden is weeded, all activity can lead to aches and pains, SpiderTech is here to make sure that those minor pains don’t stop you from being the best version of yourself, so go out there and be you!