Do you wake up with sore and stiff shoulders in the morning? Part of the problem may be contributed to how you sleep, or might require replacing your pillow and/or mattress with one that provides better support. On the other hand, if you toss and turn in your sleep, the problem could be as simple as an over extension of your shoulder muscles while you sleep, which you might not even realize you are doing. Regardless of the underlying cause for your stiff and sore shoulders, before you go to bed, apply shoulder tape.

Shoulder tape is made from a 100 pure cotton materials and is breathable. It is designed to provide an added layer of support to your shoulders to help alleviate pain and soreness, as well as prevent against over extension of the muscles. You can wear the tape to bed, and it will not come off. The tape may be left on for up to five days at a time before it needs to be changed. You are able to wear the tape in the shower, as it is waterproof.

There are two different ways to apply shoulder tape to your body. One application method is used to increase support, while the other is used to bring relief from pain and soreness. Just remember to review the application instructions to verify you are applying it correctly for your intended purposes.

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