Subacromial impingement (SAI) is one of the most frequently diagnosed shoulder conditions in adults with shoulder pain, and is associated with defects in posture, proprioception and motor coordination of the rotator cuff, deltoid, and the peri-scapular muscles. In addition to physiotherapy, many clinicians will prescribe adjuvant treatment in the form of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) with the intention of reducing shoulder pain often attributable to tendon inflammation and/or bursitis.  Pain reduction methods can reduce barriers for patients to actively participate in their rehabilitative exercise program.  The use of kinesiology tape has become an increasingly popular treatment aimed at reducing musculoskeletal pain without the added potential complications inherent with the use of NSAIDs.

A recent clinical trial conducted by Dr. Amr Elmaraghy and published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine tested the short-term effectiveness of precut kinesiology tape, using SpiderTech’s Precut Shoulder Tape, versus an NSAID in reducing shoulder pain as adjuvant therapy to a targeted rehabilitative exercise program for SAI. The results showed that kinesiology precuts, together with exercise physiotherapy, were equivalent to an NSAID and exercise physiotherapy at (1) reducing pain and (2) improving function in patients with SAI.  In addition to these results, kinesiology tape was shown to be a very safe, non-pharmaceutical alternative adjuvant treatment.  Kinesiology precuts were better tolerated, causing fewer side effects than NSAIDs, and may be the preferred adjuvant treatment method, if one is needed.

SpiderTech is the industry innovator of precut kinesiology tapes. These precuts have been designed and engineered in partnership with leading medical professionals in North America. The advanced design of SpiderTech precuts standardizes patient treatments ensuring the same level of patient care during each visit.

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