Chronic lower back pain is a pervasive problem that can seriously impact many aspects of our daily life. It can be aggravated by things like prolonged sitting or standing, poor posture and daily activities such as lifting, being or vacuuming. This condition can result from any number of initial injuries, muscle strain, ligament sprain, arthritis, ruptured disks, fractures, etc. It is common for adaptations to these injuries to change our movement mechanics long term and progress an acute injury into becoming a chronic problem.

Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic technique frequently used for its proven ability to reduce pain and improve mobility. Compared to traditional taping, which focuses on stabilization and movement restriction, kinesiology tape reduces pain, decreases inflammation, and adds stability while increasing blood flow and fluid circulation. Often times, patients will also benefit from enhanced proprioception from taping, which helps improve posture and motor re-education.

Lower Back Pre-cut Tape Application

A 2020 Study in the Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation investigated the effectiveness of 3 different kinesiology tape application techniques in combination with physiotherapy modalities and exercise therapy on the severity of pain, range of motion, and disability in patients with chronic low back pain. The researchers concluded that all three kinesiology tape groups showed significant pain reduction and improvement in disability, with sustainable effects in the short term and post-treatment.”


This study looks at the broad diagnosis Chronic Low Back Pain of unknown origin and shows that kinesiology tape providing tactile stimulation to the skin can have an extremely positive impact on pain and disability for those suffering from this condition. The results highlight the importance of recognizing the neurological changes that occur with chronic lower back pain and demonstrate that the constant skin rub (tactile stimulation) that kinesiology tape provides can produce positive therapeutic results. Kinesiology tape's ability to help reduce the disability associated with chronic lower back pain also allows people to get active again, leading to further health benefits and pain reduction.

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